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Personalized Virtual Learning Plan
 Our children’s education and school routines have been abruptly 
interrupted by the Covid-19 forced closing of the schools.

As an educator and private tutor... 
Parents are telling me that they are frustrated and concerned...
Students are telling me that they are lacking in direction...

Are you working from home and trying to juggle multiple obligations?
Are you lacking an academic structure at home? 
Are you children lacking a consistent study time?
Are your children lacking direct instruction?
Are you too busy at a parent to help? 

Dr Greene will create an immediately actionable 
Personalized Virtual Learning Plan
for your family to use right away in your home. 

The Personalized Virtual Learning Plan is based on: 

 Your unique family circumstances
Parents and children's schedules
Academic requirements 
Academic strengths and weaknesses
Grade(s) / Age level(s)
Type/Level of classes being taken 
Synchronous or Asynchronous learning
Time parameters 
Short and Long term goals

I am offering these personalized virtual learning plans to help all families to facilitate home learning. 

This customized action plan will include suggestions on structuring homework, 
managing workflow, managing time, increasing productivity and reducing stress in the household. 

Inside each analysis, you will receive a home learning plan with recommendations for maximizing
 your education and for creating an efficient and productive home learning environment. 

To help as many students and parents as I can, I am offering these for only $39. 

With your success in mind,

Dr Steven Greene
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Just $39
"We were so frustrated.  My daughter, my husband, our other children, and the stress level was so high.  We are so fortunate to find this system.  It took some time but the improvement has been amazing.  Better grades in every class. And no more fighting every night about doing homework.  Thank you!!  This really works."  Mary A - Parent
"This useful handbook gives students of all ages and grades the tools necessary to succeed in all subject areas. Strategies for note taking, outlining, and studying are presented using examples that students can mirror in their own classwork. Dr. Greene is practical, knowledgeable, and uses common sense to help students organize themselves for life-long learning. I would recommend this handbook for my own clients, as well as those looking for quick advice that they can implement into their lives NOW!" - Cheryl DiLanzo, M.S. Montgomery County Community College/ACE College Advising
"Steve has a wonderful ability to hone in on what the student's academic and emotional needs are, while helping to maximize their potential. He is incredibly patient and focused while working one-on-one and helping the student understand and learn the material. Steve is incredibly accepting of the craziness of teenagers' schedules and working around their schedules to fit in tutoring time. Our family is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Steve." - Andrea R. (parent)
Dr Steven Greene is a lifelong educator with over 30 years of experience as a classroom teacher and private tutor.
He is also the author of the best selling book: Maximum Education and the host of the mAke the grAde podcast and 
mAke the grAde Success Community.  

Dr Greene's goal is simple: 

To provide parents and students actions that they can use 
immediately to maximize their education. 

“My objective is to be a resource for those who have questions. If anyone wants to set up a time to go over options or simply address your personal individual concerns.“  -  Dr Steven Greene

Dr Steven Greene, Educator. Tutor. Author. Podcaster.
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