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maximize your education
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The Success Community is the solution 
for your families educational challenges 

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What Community Members say...
"This works even better than we had hoped"
"I was amazed how quickly my son improved. Everything. His grades. His work ethic. His attitude. The teacher even sent an email saying how much of an improvement she had seen. This works even better than we had hoped.
So Happy. Thank you." Donna T - Parent
"Better grades in every class"
"We were so frustrated. My daughter, my husband, our other children, and the stress level was so high. We are so fortunate to find this system. It took some time but the improvement has been amazing. Better grades in every class. And no more fighting every night about doing homework. Thank you!! This really works." Mary A - Parent
$67 every month
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Dr Steven Greene =  The "Success Doctor"
Success Community Curator
State teaching certificate
12 years teaching in public and private schools
24 years tutoring and private education
#1 Amazon best selling author

Dr Steven Greene - the “Success Doctor”
educator, private tutor, podcaster, mentor, parent

 During his 23 years in the educational world,
and through his company mAke the grAde,
he has helped over 11,000 students and
their families to reach their goals and gain success. 

His book - ‘Maximum Education’ - has sold
over 30,000 copies worldwide. 

He has a simple mission and clear goal: 

To help your child get a higher GPA,
the best possible SAT/ACT scores, and 
admission to the college of their choice.  
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